Grandeur General Trading LLC, Dubai

tradingGrandeur General Trading LLC, Dubai is a part of a large global umbrella corporation, Grandeur Group, which has businesses trading in a variety of commodities such as Steel, Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, and Fertilizers internationally. Forex Trading, Construction and Real Estate are other areas of businesses Grandeur is operating into.


Grandeur has been a well established trading house, providing professional & committed services with strong ties in Europe, Middle East, Far East, Sub-Continent & the GCC. With a substantiate number of years of experience in these markets, financial partners including prime banks and sound experience in the commodities sector, Grandeur has the capacity to trade in vast quantities.


Grandeur General Trading LLC, Dubai a subdivision of Grandeur Investments, is a well established trading house providing professional and committed services in buying and selling of steel throughout the world especially in Europe, Middle East, Canada, South Africa, USA, Canada and Pakistan. Grandeur General Trading LLC, Dubai works as the buying arm of GM which gives GM another base of working capital and reputation with world renowned suppliers.