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What Are We Offering

These are our services that we’re prowdly doing.

Our Products

All the products of Grandeur Metals Pvt, Ltd Pipe Industries are manufactured according to international standards of specification that is the reason why quality conscious people and the construction companies always prefer our products.
Black Pipes are available in round shape in a series of different diameter and thickness. These pipes are currently being used for scaffolding, mechanical fabrication, building and other general purpose fabrication.

“L”, “T” and “Z” Profiles are used for fabrication of door and window frames which are primarily used for low cost housing.

GMPL Pipe Industries (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2013, Mr Khalid J Butt is embraced with the qualities of entrepreneurship and leadership. GMPL was established to eliminate destructive productivity concept in pipe engineering. In this modern era, accepting the challenges of the day, quality assurance is the prime object of producing steel tubes in a wide range of ½ “ to 4” diameters strictly in accordance with PSS 1851/1987, BSS-1387/1985, API-5L and ASTM standards.

The Pipes and related products being manufactured at Grandeur Metals Pvt,Ltd are:
• Mild steel Pipes
• Galvanized Iron Pipes
• Steel Tubular Poles
• Grills, Railings, Pipes
• Scaffolding pipes

The pipes are manufactured on the best quality machinery imported from UK/ EU / China  under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced staff. GMPL Pipe industries strictly follow the International Quality Control Standards. Approximately 30 highly skilled workers have been employed to exercise Quality Control on each and every process to achieve the organizational objectives.

GMPL Pipe Industries are also consumer dealer of Pakistan Steel Mills products of prime quality HR & API-5L Grade coil and while galvanizing, GMPL Pipe Industries uses 99.99% first quality Prime Raw Maltreat etc to maintain the quality of pipe to ensure smooth proses pipes. Threads of pipes are coated with an antirust compound and protected with plastic caps.

Quality … We Make It Sure

Leakage, Tensile, Flattening, Bending etc.


Material is Semi Hard / Soft and can be used for Bending as well.


Loose as well as Square bundles. 


The Standard Length offered is 6.10 meter (20 ft) other lengths are available as per orders.